Friday, November 20, 2015

Doug Gray from Marshall Tucker

Tonight at the Fillmore at Charlotte's NC Music Factory. The Marshall Tucker Band invades the Queen City of the South. The Marshall Tucker Band has been trucking across the country for 44 years. Their new album is a brilliant display of their live performance. Its a musical photograph of sound snapped while on tour in the UK.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Grace Slick On The Age Of The Stage

Since 1999 Grace Slick has been on a kick. The older you get the more you should stay clear of a live performance. She first came out against the Rolling Stones. Now she's troubled by Fleetwood Mac. Should there be an age limit to performing live? Grace Slick is a fan of Fleetwood Mac, but she thinks it's time for them to walk away. The former Jefferson Airplane frontwoman says, "I saw on television a filming of Fleetwood Mac doing something and I was OK as long as I didn't look at 'em. I couldn't look at 'em. They sounded great...and if I looked away and imagined young people singing I was OK with it. There's something about old people singing rock 'n' roll lyrics that bothers me. It just doesn't match." Fleetwood Mac is on tour in New Zealand and unavailable for comment. Grace has been saying this since the late '90s, and back in 1999, she told us that Mick Jagger should have hung it up. But she's changed her tune on that, saying, "The only so-called old people I've seen that I really liked and thought, 'That still works,' is The Rolling Stones. They did a thing that was filmed in a park in Great Britain and the way they acted, the way they sang, the musicianship...just worked really well. It was good rock 'n' roll." She is most likely referring to their 2013 show in London's Hyde Park.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tom Petty In Print

The book to get is the Tom Petty autobiography. You know the lyrics but do you know the artist? Written by Warren Zanes this journey within Tom's reclusive life and style opens into a field of truer visions of where the songs arrived from.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Metallica Rumor Settled

Not days or weeks but years. There's always been this dark side rumor that Metallica almost fired their famous drummer Lars Ulrich. Kirk Hammett has exposed the truth.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Jeff Lynne's New Music Has Arrived

Jeff Lynne from ELO talking about his new album officially out today. While Alone in the Universe is billed as Jeff Lynne's ELO, it is a complete solo effort with Lynne not only writing all the songs, but also playing every instrument with the exception of the shaker and tambourine, which was handled by his engineer, Steve Jay. Lynne says, "I just wrote 10 [songs] and they're all short... I tried to make it like a unified sound. I wanted it all to sound pretty much the same." He will celebrate the album's release with shows in New York next Friday, and Los Angeles on November 24th -- and will then hit the road next year with shows in Europe in April and May.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

2015 Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards

Jimmy Page took home a trophy during last nights Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards. Alice Cooper loves the awards show because he gets to meet up with friends he hasn't seen in a long time. Jimmy Page was in attendance to accept, for the second year in a row, the award for Reissue of the Year for the remainder of the Zeppelin catalog that he oversaw. Walking the red carpet he said, "This is a real thrill... When I put it together, I was really hoping it would warm people's hearts if you like and the reaction to it by the fans has been phenomenal." Alice Cooper was on hand to accept the award for Classic Album for his Welcome to My Nightmare. He says attending awards shows like this is a good excuse to catch up with his fellow musicians. "A lot of times all of us are all touring at the same time, so you never bump into the same people that you've known for 30 years." Nils Lofgren, who moonlights as a guitarist in Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, was presented with the Outstanding Contribution award, and, seeing as how he is on tour in England, he made the trip into London to accept it. He says, "To have people still want to hear me sing after 47 years on the road and be here for this award, I'm honored." Brian May gratefully accepted Living Legend award on behalf of Queen, and he says this award, from Classic Rock, "completes the display on the mantle piece. I'm very pleased."

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ronnie Wood At 17

Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones recently stumbled across a journal. It featured his handwriting. It was him at 17. It's now a book How Can It Be A Rock n Roll Diary.